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Your Platform.

Virtual events, meetings and bespoke webinars - built for event people by event people.


Our Purpose

To bring together a scalable and robust suite of services for your event. We fuse familiar functions in the back-end with brand relevant design that is visually consistent with your event.


Simply put, there is no other platform that does this with this level of ease or customisation.


The Benefits


Totem Fuse / Broadcast

For your streaming, you can either use your own preferred broadcast partner or use Totem Fuse.

Our in-house, dedicated production and streaming service which is outlined below.

1. The Backend

Management of onboarding and rehearsing speakers, pre-recording presentations where necessary - all facilitated by us.

2. Video Communications

We ensure all video streams and presentations, both live and pre-recorded, run at the right time and in the right order.

3. Management

An integrated production management
solution - fully managed and bespoke virtual event services, tailored to your requirements.

4. Delivery

We orchestrate the production of your event ensuring seamless delivery to your audience.
We can also provide on-demand video post event.


Our Clients


Project Name: Mad World
Type: Hybrid Event

Secure login to a dashboard overview of

the entire event.

Security is at the heart of everything built within Totem. Every contributor has a secure login, relevant access to the various show areas and within a robust system.

Live streaming, polling and audience participation.

Your programme can be interactive with live polling, Q&A, exclusive downloads and live video content. Bringing the physical to the virtual!

Interactive exhibition stands with one-on-one meetings.

Sponsor a stand and showcase your service and brand or visit an exhibitor, chat to them live and absorb their product or service!


Other Services

Do you require pre-recorded presentations, interviews or Q&A sessions? If so remote filming might be a safe way of filming and managing this process.


Get in touch

If you like the sound of what we do and you want us to bring the physical to the hybrid or virtual, then get in touch!

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